International Grace

International Grace
Interior design

Rapsac is a Swiss based design company. We specialize in bespoke interior design for companies and private residents.



The Master bathroom should be a sanctuary of calm and elegance. I tend to prefer Victorian style bathrooms with modern amenities such as floor heating and towel heaters. I prefer to have a big and deep tub where I can immerse my frame and still have shoulders and knees covered.
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The Kitchen has become the heart of the house and this is where we congregate in the morning over breakfast and where we spend valuable time together in the evening over dinner.  It has now become the new living room instead of being the sanctuary for the cook or the one preparing meals.
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Living room

I have a tendency to reduce and reduce to a bare minimum in the way we tend to decorate since Gustavian times in early 18-century. One can build and add from there once we have the “bones” or layout of the house and/or just the interior.
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Curated for sale

During many years of working with interior design, I have accumulated many decorative items like sculptures, paintings, antique doorknobs and lights. My main style is traditional and antique but I also have more modern retro items. To see some of the items, look at the page about my Curated items for sale, or contact me for a private consultation.