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Curated for sale

Carefully curated items for sale

As an interior designer it is part of my job to make sure your home or office is designed in a way that reflects your personality as well as the company branding in your office. I consider the balance of the funiture, the practical function as well as comfortable, safe and beautiful. It is also my job to make your indoor space decorated with items that fit in color, style and materials of the space as well as the lighting aspect. I think about, draw out and re-edit my plans in cooperation with you and your unique needs.

Below are some of my carefully curated items collected over many years. My choices are based both on their beauty and the skills of the artists as well as my vision for interior design and what might fit for a particular interior environment, be it a private home, an outdoor area or an office.

Please contact us regarding these curated items. We can provide you with more detailed background information such as the name of artist, year of production, material used, present state, price and questions about shipping.

Angel and sleeping woman print in black and white

This fine print of a small angel and a sleeping is an original print in black and white from 1950. It can be hung over a sofa or on a wall together with other similar prints.
In Western Christian tradition, these small angels are often called cherubim. They have become associated with "the putto" (from classical Cupid/Eros), resulting in depictions of cherubim as small, plump, winged boys.

Sculpture of a torso

This fine sculpture is made of stone and stands at about ten inches tall and 5 inches wide. It is both perfect as a centerpiece as well as a corner piece. It was originally made by artist....The work both front and back is of the highest quality.

Antique silver

Silver is a very important aspect of getting that antique look and feel in your livingroom as well as diningroom, kitchen and even bathroom. I have a unique collection of silver items for that luxurious additional decoration.

Silver placed upon antique wood furniture creates a contrast that is equally classic and beautiful. Living in a graceful environment can be both easy and attainable.

Retro furniture

As I do love retro furniture from the 50s and 60s as well as the antique style furniture I have found they tend to mix well if incorporated in the right way. Please contact me for more information on my many tables, dressers and chairs from the period.