International Grace

Living room

Entertaining with antique silver, mahogany and that magic glow

I have a tendency to reduce and reduce to a bare minimum in the way we tend to decorate since Gustavian times in early 18-century. One can build and add from there once we have the “bones” or layout of the house and/or just the interior. Having partially grown up in a vast colonial house in NJ, worked and lived in Sweden, Japan and Switzerland has allowed me to create “international grace”. This name is of course inspired by what  the  British Architecture critic Philip Morton Shand named “Swedish Grace” that was further defined after the Paris Exhibition in 1925 and New York, Chicago and Minneapolis in 1927. Attention to detail and using natural materials while creating relaxed atmosphere with a few beautiful elements. The interior needs to be practical using furniture that could be easily moved around depending on the particular needs. Lighting is important and oftentimes left to the last minute or halogen spotlights are installed in ceilings rendering rooms looking like hotel lobbies from the1980:ies. I love the warm glow from candles, a light that tends to brings out the best in ones guest and, at the same time, give antique silver and mahogany that magic glow and satin sheen.

The living room should have a nice big sofa a pair of armchairs in front and a coffee table inbetween. I will say it again, it needs to be practical. Everyone need to be able to reach their drinks, canapés and coffee while sitting down. I prefer a big howard & sons sofa with enough room to lay down on. The focus should be on entertaining and thus no TV or big screen but a nice concealed stereo, dimmers on the lighting and only indirect lighting. Why not have a one wall covered with a bookshelf or an antique break front?